The Nurses and Midwives e-cohort Study (NMeS) has been a great success in terms of publications and reports which have been made available to various stakeholders and policy-makers. However none of this would have been possible without the commitment of our many participants.  We cannot thank you enough for your support and willingness to complete the NMeS surveys.

Background to the Nurses and Midwives e-cohort Study

In 2006, the NMeS was conceived and implemented by a team of researchers, led by Prof. Catherine Turner at The University of Queensland. The NMeS is an international longitudinal population-based study . The purpose of the study was to examine factors associated with both workforce and health outcomes in a cohort of nurses & midwives from Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The study was funded by a number of organisations including two Australian Research Council (ARC) grants SLP0562102 and SR0566924; an Australian National Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) grant 20052108A and a New Zealand Health Research Council (NZHRC) grant 456163.

Study Participants

In 2006 registered nurses, enrolled nurses, eligible midwives and health visitors in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom were invited to participate in this study.  Participants subsequently had the opportunity to complete three online surveys over a five year period.

Data are stored with the Australian Data Archive under the longitudinal study section and accessible to any researcher for further analysis and publication by application. Any further questions please contact the Nurses and Midwives e-Cohort Manager, Susan Kellett

Current Status of the Nurses and Midwives e-cohort Study

The data collection (survey) phase of the Nurses and Midwives e-cohort study has been completed. The current phase of the study is continuing data analysis and publication of findings. We have already established a healthy publication profile. We will continue to host a modified study website and post publications as they are completed.